Java City Kiosk

Java City Kiosk

High school can be a whirlwind of emotions, with each day serving as a new chapter in the story of adolescence. It’s a time of growth and self-discovery, navigating the conflicts that arise with being a teenager. Students rush from class to class, greeting friends in the halls, meeting up with teachers, and stressing over tests. However, during the midday break in the high school routine, a different kind of chaos ensues. The cafeteria transforms into a lively setting where students refuel and recharge. Amidst the chatter and disarray, the Java City kiosk is nestled in a corner of the cafeteria, providing a brief respite from the lunchtime storm.
Erica, the woman in charge of Greeley’s Java City, skillfully manages the lunchtime rush with a consistent smile and rolled-up sleeves. Whether it’s coffee, tea or juice, the kiosk provides a multitude of options to quench students’ thirst. Erica mentions that her most popular orders are the vanilla latte and the caramel macchiato—both iced. She also offers monthly drink specials, which ensure a continuous rotation of new and enticing beverages. For example, in March, she created the Shamrock Shake, a frothy and mint-flavored milkshake. She says that the invention process behind these drinks is simple: it all depends on the time of the year and upcoming holidays. Once she comes up with the idea, she speaks to her manager for approval. Soon after, the drinks are being sold to the student body. The kiosk recently introduced açai bowls for those seeking a healthier snack. Erica notes that the arrival of warmer weather is what inspired the new addition.
Java City offers more than drinks; it also proudly displays a tempting assortment of baked goods, ranging from doughnuts to brownies, to satiate every sweet tooth. Various chips are also ready for a quick and satisfying bite, adding a savory element to the kiosk’s options. In addition, Java City features a wide variety of frozen treats, including ice cream cups, ice cream sandwiches and ice cream bars.
A poll meant to determine students’ favorite orders concluded that 39.1% of students frequent the kiosk 2–3 times a week, while 34.8% opt for a weekly visit. The baked goods are the most popular by a landslide: a staggering 56.5% of students prefer freshly baked doughnuts, cookies, brownies and other appetizing treats.
The next time a treat craving arises, be sure to swing by and give Erica a warm hello!

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