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“The Building” by Defne G.

Source: Pixels

“What is this?” Colby asked, pushing his hair out of his face. The giant warehouse looming above him invoked an uneasy feeling that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.
“What we’ve been looking for,” May answered, gesturing to the building. “You wanted answers, here you go.”
Colby’s eyebrows furrowed as he shoved his hands into his pockets. “I don’t think I want answers anymore,” he said. “Let’s just go home.” An unsettling feeling spread through his stomach, up his spine, and into his brain, where it screamed at the rest of his body to run away and never come back.
But that would’ve been selfish. The only reason they were there in the first place was because of him, after all. That morning, he gathered up his friends (all three of them) and told them they were going on an epic adventure to stop AI from stealing his job. He had to know where all the robots were coming from and how to stop them—he needed backup. Kevin and Lana were skeptical, but May convinced the group that it would be a fun summer getaway.
This felt nothing like a fun summer getaway.
“We can’t go home now,” Kevin groaned.
“You made us walk for hours in the sun, Colby. You’re going into that warehouse.” Lana put both hands on his shoulders and pushed him forward.
“We’re going into that warehouse,” May pointed out. “All that walking has to mean something.”
Lana and Kevin groaned but took a couple of steps forward. “Well,” Kevin grunted, “Are you coming with us, Cheddar?”
Colby stomped ahead, hands still in his pockets. “I told you to stop calling me that.”
May grinned, her bright pink braces flashing in the sun. “Let’s go kill some robots.”

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Defne G., Staff Writer
Dephne is a staff writer, writing for the arts and culture section. A club she is involved in at Greeley is Model UN. When not in school, Dephne enjoys reading, drawing, and playing guitar.

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